Yes you are seeing correctly, Pretty Please is back like she never left, well sorta..This is an old vid I just decided to release.  Her stuff is classic so you cant just throw it out there.  Me and my boy Jack Hammer did the honors of blowing that back out.  The pussy was extra tight and she couldn't handle the dicks but no worries, she stuck it out to the end.  Nice stuff right here.
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Here's some shit for the collection. New comer Krystal Valentine takes on 11 inch Mack Steele  and lets just say this shit was fire.  Mack dominated that pussy and throat, had her running ducking and dodging the  She stuck it out to the end and took it like a champ.  Mack was not playing that day. Up now in the members area.
Yall defintely gonna dig this scene.  New talent Miss PYT makes her video debut with Mack Steele, and this shit was extra crazy. I would say one of the best dick downs of the year.  She thought she was ready but man I dont know.  Mack was on his super A game with shorty, making her cream and fuckin her in beast mode dam near.  She tried her best to take it, but had somehwhat of a difficult time, judge for yourself and check it out. She's mo longer in the Biz but i got more to come soon.
Yep you know what time it is, its Layla Red's time on the re up.  I had this vid for more than a year but its still some fire shit. MD and D Rock do the honors of tearing that ass up.  This is when she was freshin the industry and was just getting broken in, and as the good girl she is, she took it in all holes, ass and all.  Man we had a ball with this true to life freak.  Hot shit righ here you got to see.
Kimberlay had to come back for more being that she's a real live freak.  I swear she loves dick and you can tell. Mr Jay and MD did the honors this time to fuck that pussy up and yes we did a great job. She can and cant take dick at the same time and she love them creampies.  Yep another good jerk off scene, more of her to come..and sorry for the delay..lots of behind the scenes shit..
Sorry for the delays but I had to move most of my sites to a dedicated server by force , lol..Now you should be getting faster load times and downloads but anyway we back. This time Onyxxx and Ms Vaughn takes on Jay and Jay.. It was a straight fuck party.  Onyxxx got extra busy and Ms Vaughn did her thing too. Something different for yall
Ta Naz just came out of no where. Nice lil slim thing with a fatty to match.  We tried her out after she got broken in before. I told my boy ill will to come through to test her out and she did good. took 2 dicks and creamed all over the dick. They both got some rocks off on this sexy lil thang. She got to come back again
Anika is the freak of all freaks and this time I handed her to My boy Jaxx. He definitely long dicked that ass and pussy and had her on the verge or tears.  She took 2 dicks that night up her ass like a good girl. Always fire material with this lil slut Anika, enjoy!!
Yep PYT is back for more and this time she takes on 2 BBC's and even tries some anal. They wasted no time fucking fire out of her fine ass. Jay Stone and Mr Jay got up in that young pussy for real. Had her creaming and screaming.  Another great scene from this pretty freak
Skylar is a special and loves sex as a natural freak.. I paired her up with Mr Jay to break her in before she met up with Brick on  This is actually the 2nd video her and jay did. The 1st one he really had to pry his way in that ass, but this time it was a little easier, and he left a fat nut in that anal cavity. She brings real heat to the scene always
The Newest and Truest
We taking it back to the beginning with this vid. I know yall see her on with BK Brick, but before that there was several videos that lead up to that epic scene. Mr Jay was the real trainer to get her prepared for whats to come. Here's that 1st video with him. Got a lil messy but it was a good fuck overall.
Ebony lust returns and gets dumped in 3 times by 2 BBC's.  She was dressed for a good dick down and that's what she got, back to back creampies. She was more than willing to take on dick because she's a real life nympho.  Another classic from this classy slut
Here's that scene you been waiting for where the Anal Queen Anika takes on Mack Steele and it was a great one. Mack didn't hold nothing back and put it on her like no other. He made her take all the dick. And you know how she is, she's eager when it comes to BBC and takes as much as she can. Another Anika Classic
Trixxie always puts on a good show especially with big black dick. This 19 yr old starlet came through for round 2 with Mr Jay and he was brick hard ready for this tight pussy and ass.  She struggled a bit with all that dick in her 3 holes but she trooped it out like a champ. You can catch round 1 on
This video came from a broken hard drive that was fixed. I though this scene was lost for real, but here it is, Kimberlay takes on me and my boy Jack Hammer. SHe came all the way from Detroit to give us that pussy for the night.  She had a fatty and we had fun with that.
Here's the part 2 from that day with Mr Jay back when Amari was still in the training stage and anal was a lil Md and Mr Jay really got up in them guts, testing her limits with BBC. She's out the industry now, so any video you get of her will be a rarity. Enjoy!!
Excuse The Mess
Pounded Out on The Highway
Something from a few summers back when shit was normal in the world, my man Jack Hammer got to creampie Honey Dizzle in the back seat since we couldn't find a room anywhere that night.  We drove around while she did her thing.  Loaded up with cum and we was out.